Denis Mbianda 

Denis is a 42 year old Cameroonian-American husband; father of three, and recipient of the 2014 Iya Foundation financial assistance award. A policy writer by profession, Denis has been unable to work due to End Stage Renal Disease.

Denis lost his kidneys as a result of Diabetes and later on High Blood Pressure. Initially diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, Denis managed the disease with medications and dieting until 14 years later in 2011, when he developed edema in his feet and ankles. A visit to the doctor confirmed that he was suffering from kidney failure. Denis had to resort to dialysis treatment in order to stay alive.

‘I go to dialysis 3 times a week; I get too weak that I am unable to work. I have uncontrolled nausea and vomiting’, says Denis who is currently undergoing in-clinic hemo dialysis therapy and currently on the transplant list.

The Iya Foundation was able to award Denis a financial assistance award to help him resolve some of his financial burden, especially having to depend solely on his wife’s income. ‘I have financial difficulties in meeting up with my daily dose of nepro (protein); but thanks to TIF, I will be able to afford my full supply now’, says Denis who was very appreciative of his award, stating he was ‘very happy because it was the very first time getting an assistance from any kidney association’.

As an advise to other dialysis patients, Denise emphasized the importance of complying with required medications and being watchful of fluid intake. He plans to become an advocate for kidney disease and make more people be aware of the disease.