Ethel Ekole 

‘I am absolutely excited and privileged to be chosen by the Iya Foundation grant committee as a recipient for financial assistance to relieve some of my financial burden as I battle kidney disease’, says Ethel Ekole.

In 2011, Ethel was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease which later damaged her kidneys and eventually led to kidney failure, causing her to depend on dialysis to stay alive. Currently undergoing the home dialysis therapy – peritoneal dialysis, Ethel has to connect herself to a dialysis machine every night for ten hours just to be able to survive each day.

As a result of her health, Ethel feels tired all the time, and suffers from poor appetite. She has to undergo weekly doctors and lab appointments. Being a mother and student, Ethel faces a lot of financial hardship, especially as she is unable to work due to her ill health.

Ethel applied to the Iya Foundation financial assistance to help resolve some of her urgent financial needs; pay off some pending bills, buy her medication with ease, and be able to eat healthier foods.

Ethel would like the world to know that kidney disease is a life-threatening disease and early detection is the key to a long life. Her advice to other dialysis patients is to apply for kidney transplant early enough before reaching end-stage in order to reduce the wait time on the transplant list, which is about five years. She advises other patients to not allow their illness to be their limitations, stating that they can still pursue their dreams in life and make the best out of their situation. They should live a happy life by doing what they love most as every day unfolds.

Ethel is currently on the transplant list and hopes that someone would come forward and donate a kidney to her; ‘precious gift of life’ (Ethel). Click on the following link to read more about Ethel, and see how you can be of support to her

Despite her ill health, Ethel continues to excel as a nursing student, and focuses on raising her 6-year old daughter, as welas taking care of her ill mother.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you; my family and I really appreciate this package … especially at this time of great need”, chanted Ethel on receiving her check.