Cheryl McQueen-Milliner – Humans of Kidneyville Act for Kidneys Initiative

Humans of Kidneyville is an Iya Foundation Act for Kidneys Initiative that aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and the need for organ donation by bringing to light the plight and needs of End Stage Renal Disease patients by sharing their kidney health stories and experiences.


Name: Cheryl McQueen-Milliner
Age when kidneys failed/diagnosis: 42 years old,
Cause of Kidney Failure: High Blood Pressure
Number of years with kidney failure: 11 years
Transplant: I was on dialysis for 5 years and received a kidney transplant that lasted 41/2 years. Unfortunately, the transplant failed, and I have been back on dialysis since July 2015. I do it at home with a nurse 5 days a week, for 21/2 hours.
Advice for people without kidney failure: Keep your blood pressure and diabetes under control, since those are the leading factors that cause End Stage Renal Disease.
Advice for someone who has been newly diagnosed with kidney failure: It is not the end of the world. You can live a long productive life with kidney disease if you follow your doctor’s orders and dialysis regime.
Would you say there’s Hope after diagnosis? YES, there is hope after dialysis. I met my husband in dialysis, but he passed recentlyL. I travel to visit family and friends to keep me going. As long as there is Life, there is hope.
What’s the most difficult aspect of living with kidney disease? The most difficult aspect of dialysis is the fluid restrictions, the long periods of sitting, the effects of low blood pressure, and the exhaustion.
How important is having a support system? It is extremely important to have a support system to listen to you vent, to bring food (I can’t cook), check on you, pray with you, and laugh with you.