Ema Temu – Humans of Kidneyville Act for Kidneys Initiative

Humans of Kidneyville is an Iya Foundation Act for Kidneys Initiative that aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and the need for organ donation by bringing to light the plight and needs of End Stage Renal Disease patients by sharing their kidney health stories and experiences.


Name: Ema Temu
Age when kidneys failed/diagnosis: 27 years old
Cause of Kidney Failure: I developed End Stage Renal Disease
Number of years with kidney failure: I lived with kidney disease fir 6 years.
Transplant: Yea. I received a kidney transplant on November 12th 2009.
Advice for people without kidney failure: My advice for people without Kidney failure is to be understanding to people who do. Also, do frequent kidney checks as well.
Advice for someone who has been newly diagnosed with kidney failure: Having kidney failure is not the end of the world. Be active when it comes to your health. Ask important questions about your diagnosis and know your numbers, e.g creatinine level. Also know your medications and their side effects. Get to know your doctors and nurses because they are also an important part of your support system.
Would you say there’s Hope after diagnosis? Absolutely, there is hope after diagnosis. For me, living a normal life was very important to me. It helped me to cope with the aspect of going to dialysis 3 days a week. Also, being around family and friends who support you is key, as well as connecting with other people who are going through the same health issues.
What’s the most difficult aspect of living with kidney disease? The most difficult aspect of living with kidney disease for me was being on dialysis. Dialysis was draining, and I was tired all the time. I had no energy, and after treatment, everything would hurt. Being on dialysis was very depressing and sad when I saw other patients pass away or even get sick while on treatment.
How important is having a support system? Having a support system is key to getting better. Having a support system in place, will allow you not to fail, and you will be able to remain positive in the face of adversity.