Jennifer Gloede – Humans of Kidneyville Act for Kidneys Initiative

Humans of Kidneyville is an Iya Foundation Act for Kidneys Initiative that aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and the need for organ donation by bringing to light the plight and needs of End Stage Renal Disease patients by sharing their kidney health stories and experiences.


Name: Jennifer Gloede
Age when kidneys failed/diagnosis: 35. I learned that my lab results had showed that my kidneys were spilling protein, and their function had decreased.
Cause of Kidney Failure: Type 1 Diabetes
Number of years with kidney failure: I have been living with kidney disease for approximately 8 years.
Transplant: No. In August of 2015, I was listed for a kidney and pancreas transplant.
Advice for people without kidney failure: My advice for people without kidney failure is to live healthy. If you are diabetic, take care of it. Take advantage of having energy and spend it on family and friends.
Advice for someone who has been newly diagnosed with kidney failure: I would tell someone just diagnosed with kidney failure the exact same advice. Live as healthy as you can, Make sure to follow the advice of your doctor, and spend your energy and time with family and friends. Housework can wait.
Would you say there’s Hope after diagnosis? I have a lot of hope. There is no other choice. I go on for my kids and husband and other family. Being a part of some Facebook support groups has also helped because I get to meet others in the same situation as I am, and I see their hopes come true, and watch them thrive after transplant.
What’s the most difficult aspect of living with kidney disease? The most difficult aspect of this disease for me is having such little energy, and not being able to be as involved with my kids and husband. I don’t even have the energy to walk my dog or go to the mall anymore. It’s a chore just to get up, shower, and put my makeup on.
How important is having a support system? Having a support system is imperative. I can’t do what I used to be able to do, and having people support me not only includes them helping me do those things, they give me encouragement and remind me that I have 4 kids that need me to fight.
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