Kyra Mizer-Lark – Humans of Kidneyville Act for Kidneys Initiative

Humans of Kidneyville is an Iya Foundation Act for Kidneys Initiative that aims to raise awareness of kidney disease and the need for organ donation by bringing to light the plight and needs of End Stage Renal Disease patients by sharing their kidney health stories and experiences.


Name: Kyra Mizer-Lark
Cause of Kidney Failure: Pyelonephritis, which ultimately ended in End Stage Renal Disease
Number of years with kidney failure: 22 years
Transplant: Yes. I have had two transplants. They were both from cadaver donors. I received the first one on January 18th, 1995. It rejected a year later. The second one was on December 27th, 1999, and it rejected September 2012. I am currently on dialysis.
Advice for people without kidney failure: The advice that I have for people living without kidney disease is to take care of themselves by living as healthy as possible and to get regular checkups concerning their blood pressure, which is one of the leading causes of kidney disease, especially for African Americans.
Advice for someone who has been newly diagnosed with kidney failure: My advice for people who have been newly diagnosed with kidney disease is that, they should educate themselves about the different options for treatment including peritoneal dialysis, hemo dialysis, and home hemodialysis. I urge them to consult with a dietician for the best diet for them and to exercise as frequently as possible as that would help keep them as healthy as possible and weight the options of them getting on the transplant list.
Would you say there’s Hope after diagnosis? Yes. It is important to know that kidney disease is not a death sentence, and it is possible to live a long healthy life on dialysis. There is extreme hope after diagnosis. So do kidney disease, don’t let kidney disease do you.
What’s the most difficult aspect of living with kidney disease? The most difficult aspect of living with kidney disease is some of the side effects from the disease and dialysis. Both can wear a person down sometimes, as well as the time spent doing dialysis.
How important is having a support system? Having a support system is a very important part of being a kidney disease patient. We all need someone during these trying times of our lives. Overall, we are all warriors, fighting the GOOD fight and champions doing our best to cross the finish line.