Our Challenges and Efforts

  • Support for the African Immigrant Community

    In hue of the rising population of African migrants suffering from CKD, The Iya Foundation, Inc. a New jersey Non Profit Organization, through its program The Iya Project Kidney Disease Awareness Program (TIP-KAP) is designed to identify members in this community at high risk for CKD; develop community based approaches for improving detection and control, and educate individuals and professionals for best practices for early detection and treatment. (Read More)

  • End Stage Renal Disease (ERSD)

    End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) which requires dialysis or transplantation for survival is the only disease with specific coverage under Medicare, regardless of age or other disability. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a disease that must be taken seriously, as it is a disease multiplier. Patients with CKD are very likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypertension; despite the fact that these same diseases are the leading causes of CKD. (Read More)

  • Chronic Kidney Disease Challenges (CKD)

    Considered a silent killer, CKD is often asymptomatic; especially in the early stages; therefore without laboratory testing, CKD could easily go undetected and often, people remain undiagnosed until they have reached CKD stage 5; and would literally begin dialysis within days. However, and as mentioned earlier, early detection and treatment can slow the progress of kidney disease, delay complications, and prevent or delay kidney failure. (Read More)

How We Help

  • Awareness Programs

    Developing and helping to improve awareness for kidney disease and organ donation through donations, partnerships, fundraising, and marketing effort.

  • Support for the low income uninsured patients

    The Iya foundation provides support efforts and outreach to low income and uninsured patients through a variety of outreach programs and financial resources.

  • Fundraising and Events

    The Iya foundation embarks on annual fundraising efforts through a variety of events and occasions to help fight Kidney Disease.

  • Early Detection Programs

    Helping to educate individuals and professionals for best practices for early detection and treatment. A critical part in fighting kidney disease.

  • Community Partnerships

    Develop community based approaches for improving detection and control, through partnerships with local businesses and institutions.

  • Education & Training

    Facilitating public and professional education programs and screening initiatives targeted at populations who are most at risk and lack the resources.

Please Make a Donation, Volunteer or provide Support to the Iya Foundation and its programs. Help improve the quality of life for renal disease patients.

Our Mission

The Iya Foundation, Inc. a New Jersey Non-Profit Organization; aims to save lives by educating and raising awareness on chronic kidney disease as well as raise funds that benefit low income uninsured End Stage Renal Disease Patients.

Our Vision

We believes every individual deserves a second lease on life. Through our programs, and with the help of Public and Private Funds, we intend to fight kidney disease through education and awareness; encouraging early detection.


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