Dialysis Blanket Drive

About The Project

Donating a blanket to an end stage renal disease (kidney failure) patient on dialysis will not only create warmth from the cold dialysis clinic environment but will also bring warmth in to their hearts as they experience the love from the world through this very difficult time.


Healthy kidneys remove waste products from blood. When kidneys fail, patients need dialysis treatments three times a week for three-four hour sessions to cleanse their blood. The body temperature of many dialysis patients drops while they are receiving dialysis because blood is taken from their bodies to be filtered by the dialysis machine, and then returned at a lower temperature. Click here to find out possible reasons why dialysis clinic centers are cold. 

During these life-saving treatments patients often feel cold. However, many find the comfort of a blanket quite soothing; warming not only their bodies but their hearts too. The Iya Foundation is seeking donations of new, soft blankets for dialysis patients to cover up with during dialysis treatments.

How You Can Help

Call The Iya Foundation at (732) 485-7052 for information on how to give the gift of warmth to a dialysis patient.  New blankets can be delivered or mailed to The Iya Foundation, 34 Koster Blvd, Suite 2B, Edison, NJ 08837. Blanket donors will receive a free gift acknowledgment card.

Did you know that most patients on dialysis suffer from emotional distress and psychological disorders (read the article). There are almost 12,000 patients on dialysis in the state of New Jersey alone, and over 100,000 renal patients in on the organ transplant wait list nationwide, in need of a kidney.

Your donation of any amount will not only put a smile on an ESRD patient on dialysis and bring joy to their heart, but will also make you feel fulfilled with warmness in your heart.