In Partnership with Sumediang Women Association
About Tombel Council

Tombel council is located in the South West region of Cameroon. It lies on the western side of the Kupe Mountain from where the name Kupe Muanenguba division. It covers a surface of 1007 Km2 and has a population of 110 178 inhabitants. The Tombel municipality covers a surface of 1007 Km2 for a population estimated at about 110 178 inhabitants. The Tombel municipality is constituted of 72 villages administered by chiefs of 2nd and 3rd degree .The major sociological groups are Bakossi, Grass landers, Nigerians, Banyangi, Oroko. We can observe population concentration in the administrative center of the town, the four urban area and CDC camps.In general, the population consists of: -Approximately 42,690 men – Approximately 42,587 women – And about 24 901 children aged 0-16 years.

District Medical Officer of Tombel Hospital: Dr. Mekolle Epie Ntoko
Mayor: Mme Ngassa Rose

The Problem

The Tombel District Hospital is in desperate need of restoration and upgrades both in its infrastructure and quality of care provided. Lack of hospital equipments, such as beds, mattress, mosquito nets, make it difficult for patients during admission. Broken drainage pipes and lack of maintenance in and around the facility increase issues with mosquitoes which result in reinfection and nosocomial infections. Broken infrastructure such as doors, windows, ceiling – mostly as a result of ware and tear is also an issue. The hospital also has issues with insufficient staff and a functioning toilet.

The Partnership
Sumediang Women Association

Sumediang Women Association (SWA) is a National Civil Society Organization based in Cameroon. The organization has a platform to mobilize women in rural areas of Cameroon, through a holistic approach to bring women towards a path of self-reliance, unlock local community competences, build confidence in women to become leaders and take greater responsibility for their own development and destinies.

As part of their holistic model to mobilize and promote advocacy, the SWA will be ideal in championing the Restoration Project for the Tombel District Hospital.

The Approach
Our Funding Strategy

SWA in partnership with The Iya Foundation will champion the Sustainable Fundraising initiative where participating members will have the opportunity to make recurring contributions on this page via the GIVE Donations Platform.

The Iya Foundation will serve as the platform for managing funds from collection to report analysis. Through this approach, all contributors are considered investors hence their contributions are therefore Shares with dividends for Generational Wealth. Importantly, contributors will be provided with professional record keeping updates and tracking of payments using analytics.

Tombel District Hospital Restoration

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