Global Dialysis Initiative

About The Project

Global Dialysis Initiative (GDI) is a program initiated by the Iya Foundation as a platform to assist in need dialysis clinics and kidney failure patients in developing countries.

Programs include: Education and Awareness and Vascular Access Surgery.
GDI improves access to dialysis treatment which results in an improved quality of care for dialysis patients in underserved communities around the world while also focusing on early-detection testing through education and awareness.

The Vascular Surgery Program

February 10, 2016 – The Iya Foundation held a press conference and check giving ceremony at the Buea Regional Hemodialysis Clinic where a total of almost 5million francs cfa ($8200) was donated through The Iya Foundation Global Dialysis Initiative – Vascular Surgery Program. Ten Kidney Failure patients will benefit from this grant, which will allow them to get the very vital Vascular Surgery for their much needed dialysis therapies. As part of this grant, these patients will also be able to get the mandatory Epo supplement that goes with treatment. Thanks to the partnership of OGCEYOD Cameroon under Mr. Elvis Wepngong, Ms. Trypheana Ndifor, coordinator of the project, and the full support of the Clinic, Regional Health Delegate Dr. Mbome, Dr. T, and the president of the Association of Dialysis patients in Buea, Mr. Tambe George. Special thanks to all who showed up, especially the patient’s, the dialysis clinic staff, and the media houses who will help echo this desperate need in our communities and society as a whole.

Report of the Fistula Surgery Campaign

The Buea Regional Hemodialsis center was inaugurated on September 2011 and since then has carried out about 20,000 dialysis sessions. Serving a population of mostly indigenous Cameroonians, difficulties of delayed, interrupted and inconsistent dialysis care is commonplace. The burden of financial setbacks stands at the forefront of limitations faced by dialysis patients, their caretakers and caregivers. The cost of vascular access for hemodialysis is non-negligible especially in our resource poor setting. As such, costs associated with catheter placement whether temporal or permanent and especially arteriovenous fistula placement is a major challenge to most patients. Nonetheless, the quality of the vascular access is a key factor to an improved outcome and quality of life for patients on chronic hemodialysis. The sponsorship by The IYA FOUNDATION to perform fistula surgery for ten patients from the Buea Regional Hemodiaysis Center was received with great joy by both patients and caregivers, who can look forward to better days for their patients.

Report of the Fistula Surgery Campaign

The following kidney dialysis patients successfully got their AV fistulas, which made their life saving hemodialysis treatment more, which resulted in an improved quality of care and health.
1. Ngale Mathias
2. Tabukum Pius
3. Kumfa Eric
4. Norman Therese
5. Itoe Makia
6. Njie John
7. Kulu Ngembo
8. Lanseh Peter
9. Sophie Baiye
10. Agbor Linus