Kidney Disease Awareness and Early Detection Program

About The Project

The Iya Project Kidney Disease Awareness Campaign was launched in July of 2011 and targets minorities especially the African immigrant community who are at the top of the risk group along with Blacks/African Americans for people likely to suffer from chronic kidney disease; mostly as a result of the prevalence of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – the two leading causes of Chronic Kidney Disease and eventual Kidney Failure. As of 2012, Health Fairs have been organized reaching over 10 NJ counties as well as out of state. The campaign message and call to action have been consistent across all social media, online groups, print advertisements in minority publications, brochures and tools, and campaign websites:

“Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are the leading causes of kidney disease”, If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or a family history of kidney problems, you need to get tested for kidney disease. Call your doctor or health care provider today. Early detection saves lives. Join the fight against kidney disease”