The Nyasoso Health Campaign is an expanded awareness and sensitization campaign as an intervention and recommendation from our previous campaign carried out in Nyasoso last year August 2022. Nyasoso is a locality in Cameroon located 12km from the town of Tombel in Koupe-Manengouba division and the South-west Region. This Campaign was carried out in collaboration with the Nyasoso Youth Developmental Association and Cameroon Association of English Speaking Medical Students. It was a Three days campaign on kidney health
education, community health screenings, and general consultation, dissemination of medications and health talks which ran from the 15th to the 18th of August 2023. The campaign was a massive success as we were able to reach-out to over 200+ participants consulted and given medications during screenings and sensitization with 142 successfully screened for diabetes, kidney function, hypertension and obesity.

The mean age of our participants was 46.66 ± 15.13 with a minimum age of 11 and a maximum age of 85years, 46.429% (65/140) of our participants were normal weight with 30.7% (43/140) overweight and 23.57% (33/140) obese. Following analysis with respect to blood pressure, it indicated that 21.898% (30/137), 25.55% (35/137) and 52.555% (72/137) were hypertensive, pre-hypertensive and normal respectively. Finally our data indicated that we had a distribution of 26.6% (37/129) as diabetics and 14.38% (20/129) as pre-diabetics.


Rationale for the Proposed Project

Following our previous screening activity organized in the Nyasoso community upon invitation by the Nyasoso youths development association, we noticed that a huge number of the persons screened were either pre-hypertensive or hypertensive (45.8%(22/48) presented as pre-hypertensive (120-139mmhg), 27.1% (13/48) reported as stage 1 hypertensive (140-159mmhg),  and 12.5% (6/48) were stage 2 hypertensive (>= 160 mmhg)) with many not aware of their condition and for the few that were, only a handful were fully proper medication. Considering that the population screened with just a handful of the total population of the Nyasoso community, we believe that it is imperative that we conduct a secondary screening and sensitization campaign to identify other person at high risk of developing non communicable diseases and follow up already identified individuals to ensure proper management of their condition.

Goals and Objectives

  • To screen and sensitize 99% of the total Nyasoso community for major risk factors such as Diabetes and Hypertension
  • To identify high risked persons and document them for follow-up

Expected Results      

  • The population of Nyasoso will be aware of their risk level in the development of NCDs such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney disease.
  • Increase adherence to medications of high risk persons
  • Improvement on the overall management of high risk individuals
  • Increase awareness on NCDs by the overall population
  • Reduction in the overall mortality and morbidity associated with ignorance to NCDs