The Iya Project Blanket Drive

We are embarking on our first blanket drive where we will be collecting blankets for our in-clinic (hemo) dialysis patients. Hemo dialysis is usually a rigorous 3-4 hour treatment, where the patient is connected to a dialysis machine and treatment is being performed. The environment where the treatment is being performed is usually cold especially for the good maintenance of the machines.
Donating a blanket to an ESRD patient on dialysis will not only create warmth from the cold dialysis clinic environment but will also bring warmth in to their hearts as they experience the love from the world through this very difficult time (most patients on dialysis suffer from emotional distress and psychological disorders).
Your donation of only $10 will put a smile on an ESRD patient on dialysis and bring joy to their heart.
Go now to and hit on the donate button to support us.