A story of love, life and giving: Iya Bekondo and The Iya Project.

A Sister in Germany Interview

At this time of the year when we celebrate women in accordance with 8th March, International Women’s Day , this sister I met some years ago in New Jersey came to my mind. And Guess what, I just learned that March is Kidney Month!!!
Iya Bekondo learned the blessing in receiving and today she has made it her motto to give. Iya received the gift of a second chance to life through a kidney transplant, without which I might never have had the chance to meet this ever smiling woman with a very warm heart. She started a foundation to create awareness on chronic renal disease and kidney transplantation as well as to raise funds to support other patients. When I met Iya, I was so fascinated by her spirits, mind and style. I thought my readers need to hear her story although she is not in or from Germany. Her story is worth telling across borders. And in celebrating her…we celebrate two women….Read through to find out.

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