French - Iya Foundation MENA Academic Scholarship

The Iya Foundation MENA Academic Scholarship for Dialysis Patients is now accepting applications now through September 31st 2018. Click on the following link for a copy of the requirements MENA Flyer-2b. Click the following link for the French version MENA Flyer-2b-French Version

Transferring knowledge through awareness is a core objective in the altruistic mission of The Iya Foundation Inc. We approach wellness from a holistic perspective and see health as wholesome when all aspects including mental and social are in sync with the physical well being of a person.

At The Iya Foundation, we believe in EDUCATION. Hence, giving someone a chance at acquiring knowledge is of utmost importance to us.

Today, we are excited to be providing this opportunity to dialysis patients in Cameroon who happen to be dealing with many challenges just be being dialysis patients.

In addition to the prizes, winners will have the priviledge of being honored as brand ambassadors for The Iya Foundation. Good luck to all applicants. 

For additional inquiries, email